Anders Etgen Reitz
Chairman of the Board of Directors
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External board members should be represented on the board of directors of law firms

At IUNO we believe that law firms should be operated professionally. Therefore it should also be possible to appoint external members to our board of directors. However, current law prevents us from that. In response, we have set up an Advisory Board consisting of experienced business figures who all work outside the legal profession.

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Routine thinking prevails in the legal profession. Many processes have not changed for years, and far too few tasks are performed as they could or should be - today and tomorrow.

Routine thinking limits understanding of how to operate a modern legal firm, and of how and when to consult an attorney. Routine thinking is so deeply embedded in the profession that attorneys are unaware of how much it influences the clients.

We want to put an end to this. We want to demonstrate that there is another, better way to do things. IUNO wishes to create a personal and professional law firm, in which highly specialised and solution oriented legal counselling of the corporate sector is combined with an innovative and modern approach - an approach that will add value to our clients.

We aspire to put a stop to the bad habits of the past, and bring the legal industry into the same millennium as the rest of the corporate sector.

We will continually review whether tasks can be performed better and more efficiently, through modern technology and new work processes. We acknowledge the strengths of our industry - but we are committed to changing the weaknesses.


Every day, we wish to challenge routine thinking and create new solutions, adding value to our clients




To create a more solution oriented and professional business sector

Aage Krogh
advokat, partner
mobile: +45 5374 2702
twitter: iuno_aak
skype: iuno_aak
Anders Etgen Reitz
advokat, partner
mobile: +45 5374 2704
twitter: iuno_aer
skype: iuno_aer
Søren Hessellund Klausen
advokat, associate partner
mobile: +45 5374 2714
twitter: iuno_shk
skype: iuno_shk
mobile: +45 5374 2705
twitter: iuno_pm
skype: iuno_pm
Kathrine SkØtt Jespersen
mobile: +45 5374 2711
twitter: iuno_ksj
skype: iuno_ksj
Lise Brændstrup
mobile: +45 5374 2712
twitter: iuno_lb
skype: iuno_lb
Tine Gjedsted østergård
communications and
business development
(maternity leave)
mobile: +45 5374 2708
skype: iuno_tgo
KIA Elisabeth Glad
finance manager
mobile: +45 5374 2703
skype: iuno_keg
Marie Lobbato
junior associate
mobile: +45 5374 2717
twitter: iuno_ml
skype: iuno_ml
Maria Kiersgaard Frisch
junior associate
mobile: +45 5374 2707
twitter: iuno_mkf
skype: iuno_mkf
Ida Aagaard Andersen
mobile: +45 5374 2706
skype: iuno_cph
Luna Linnemann
mobile: +45 5374 2706
skype: iuno_ll
Adam Kidholm Rachidi
mobile: +45 5374 2706
skype: iuno_cph
Matias Nørtoft Popp
mobile: +45 5374 2706
skype: iuno_mnp
Anna Hafstrøm
social media manager
mobile: +45 5374 2706
skype: iuno_ah

Become a part of the team

IUNO is expanding. We are always on the lookout for good colleagues. If you are one of the strongest in your specialty, we would like to hear from you. You must be willing to accept our values and outside-the box-approach. For more information, contact Aage Krogh, Head of HR.



Advisory Board
Morten Kold
Morten Kold is creative director at 2+1 Idébureau. Morten has more than ten years of experience within branding, concept development and copywriting at senior level with, for instance, Kunde & Co. and has been Company Brand Manager at Carlsberg. (See more at:


Thomas Bagge Olesen
Thomas Bagge Olesen is partner at Laigaard & Partners A/S. Thomas Bagge Olesen has many years experience with company leadership, and has a background in PA Consulting, KPMG and latest at Fitness dk.


Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen is Head of People & Development at DONG Energy Wind Power. Peter Hansen has a Master of Science in strategy, organisation and management and has worked with HR at Nestlé, Alpharma, PA Consulting Group, Microsoft, Copenhagen Airports and Haldor Topsøe.


IUNO is a limited liability law firm partnership (CVR-no: 33386532). We are member of the Danish Bar Association and covered by the rules for qualified lawyers in Denmark. Our attorneys are admitted by the Justice Department in Denmark. As members of the Danish Bar Association, we are covered by the ethics code for lawyers in Denmark. You can find the rules here (in Danish). IUNO is insured through CODAN, who covers liability and guarantee in accordance with the Danish Bar Association rules. The liability insurance covers all law firm activity, regardless of where the activity is carried out. IUNO uses Nordea as bank for client funds.
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